Friday, August 6, 2010

Hume- the magnificent naturalist!

David Hume insists that one uses the empirical method- use facts- rather than unfounded intuitions, religious traditions, revelations and holy books.  In this manner, people lead themselves to that more abundant life, Those others are non-starters, parasites on the presumption of empiricism!
 The presumption of naturalism requires that we acknowledge that not only are causes and explanations necessary and efficient, they are also primary and sufficient; Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz notwithstanding, they themselves are the sufficient reason. They are that Necessary Being as it were1
 Hume and Immanuel Kant remain the top philosophers to keel haul supernaturalist arguments,albeit Kant himself has the ridiculous moral one. Carneades, a pre-Socratic one, keel hauls supernaturalism, and all others are his expanded footnote!
 Before Hume's devastating attack on teleological arguments, Carneades in response to Chrysippus  notes that the latter begs the question of the word builder in his analogy of the builder of houses with the more than human one of the Universe.The neutral verb form is forms.Why presume that homes and the universe are comparable.
 And as Hume brings up the problem  of evil, Carneades inquires what would the about to be grilled pig think of the greater good defense?
Hume use the dysteleological argument - from imperfections- in eviscerating teleological arguments.
 Richard Swinburne and William Lane Craig, notwithstanding, we find no personal explanation in any supernaturalist argument for His existence. Is it an incompetent God, a committee of gods, a manner like vegetation or some other manner. Otherwise one begs the question and uses the argument from ignorance.
  To the viewers of this blog, please respond yea or nay in part or in whole at whatever length  you so desire. It is for serious inquirers. As a fallibilist, I must admit that we naturalists can err!

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