Wednesday, September 22, 2010

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When the Amazing Randi and his team investigated faith-healing claims, he found fraud. Some faith-healers obtain information beforehand about a client, and some during a performance by using head-sets.The information made the showman look authoritative!

 When his team did follow-up research on the claimed cases, none were successful unless misdiagnosed, misunderstood by the client or remissions- always natural  phenomena Some died because of rejecting medical attention or it was just too emotional for them.

When parents and guardians use faith-healing at the expense of childten, we should prosecute them; their rights prevail over the rights  of the other two.

And exorsicism can cause grave harm. Exorcism should be banned

What faith-based matters irk you? What might be positive about faith-matters?

Science invalidates prayer, the ad hoc- coincidence when answered and the rationalizaton when unanswered.One can meditate otherwise. As with miracles, as David hume notes, prayers of different religions contradict each other. Or as an inclusivist, do you feel that all relgions affirm both prayers and miracles?



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