Monday, February 7, 2011

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     David Hume furthers naturalism and further the evisceration of supernaturalism that Carneades and others started. We naturalist are furthering that vital work. Hume notes that religions must give real evidence for miracles; purse say so and no  rigorous investigation are no,no's! That is not begging the question. No warrant exists,Alvin Plantinga notwithstanding, for any believer to  believe without evidence. His notion of an innate disposition does not conform to our conservation of knowledge,
Believers have the burden of proof as it is they who propose something not in evidence. We naturalists don't  have that responsibility,because we deal with what exists. Supernaturalists must use the presumption of naturalism, of which Hume's demand for evidence for miracles, is a corollary.
 Hume, proposes,along with Thomas Hobbes, what I call wide reflective subjectivism- the overcoming of our mere wishes and whims by our considered judgments. We might want to go to a party, but our judgment overrides, telling us to study. We might want to commit vengeance, but our judgment tells us to get the police  to do their job.Thus, this form of subjectivism upholds morality and is rooted in our moral sense and which by the consequences of actions on people,other animals and the environment is objective: the paradox then is that a form of subjectivism underpins objective morality, I find!
  What do you opine about Hume or what I maintain? Ket us have a spirited,enlightening conversation!

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